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Our Products

Export and Transportation

Marlyn has been exporting its products and services into Southern Africa over 27 years. We have the internal systems and expertise to seamlessly prepare export documentation and to arrange transport for each customer.

Technical Support and Laboratory Services

Marlyn provides customised technical support for each product and application including technical advice, laboratory testing, and mixing and dosing systems.


Our range of polyacrylamide flocculants varies in terms of ionic charge and molecular mass. It is therefore important that each client application is tested with a range of flocculants to identify the optimum product or programme for each application. Practical evaluations include settling rate of the suspended solids and turbidity of the supernatant after treatment. Testing takes place on site and in the laboratory. On-site technical support continues after the implementation of a flocculant programme to ensure that the application remains optimal.

Activated Carbon

All incoming carbon is checked for hardness, activity, platelets and sizing to ensure consistent quality.  We use in house as well as external laboratories to supply full carbon analyses on customer demand.  Tests include:

  • Gold adsorption analysis for carbon activity
  • XRF – X-Ray diffraction for organic and inorganic content and metal loading
  • Size grading
  • Platelets
  • Hardness

Our gold activated carbon is coconut shell-based and is supplied in 8×16 and 6×12 mesh sizes.  Marlyn also supplies coal and wood based granular and powder carbons.

Quality Analysis of Product Strength

Quality tests are performed on the hydrochloric acid and caustic soda that we supply.  This includes tests on strength, density, and pH.

Specialty Water Treatment Chemicals

The application of our range of flocculants and other chemicals has been expanded into the water treatment industry where we treat industrial and waste water.  This includes:

  • pH control
  • Solid-liquid separation
  • Settling
  • Oxidation

Speciality Mining Chemicals

Marlyn has a range of chemicals applicable to mining industry requirements. We are a leading supplier of sodium cyanide to the gold mining sector in Southern Africa. Our other specialty chemicals include polymers and flocculants for liquid-solid separation in thickeners and settlers. Other chemicals distributed by Marlyn for application in metal and mineral extraction include:
  • Activated Carbon
  • Caustic Soda
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Sulphuric Acid
  • Nitric Acid
  • Coagulants (PAC, Alum, Ferric Chloride)
  • Lead Nitrate
  • Copper Sulphate
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Xanthates

We also store other products for our client’s applications.  These include:

  • Mining spares
  • Mining equipment
  • Drilling equipment
  • Analytical chemical reagents
  • Protective clothing
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Safety equipment (PPE)
  • Full range of measuring scales
  • Steel balls (grinding media) and ceramic beads (ultra-fine grinding media)
  • Engineering items
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